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About us

Seb Leave no trace uk NatureTraining

Seb is a qualified and experienced expedition leader and has guided groups around the globe. 

After working as a Destination Manager for a leading expedition company, he now has an influential role as a Tourism Development Manager in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

 His interest lies in the sustainable development of destinations and outdoor tourism.

Heidi Leave no Trace UK NatureTraining

Heidi is an outdoor educator and outdoor therapist with a Masters in Outdoor education. She is also a qualified Integrative Humanistic Counsellor. 

She works as a lecturer of ‘adventure therapy’ and a researcher for the School of Adventure Studies at the University of Highlands and Islands.

 She believes in the healing potential of being outside and tending to the places we inhabit.

Our mission


We seek to promote responsible engagement with outdoor spaces and foster a lasting connection between people and place.


At a time where our relationship to the natural environment is at a delicate balance, we maintain that outdoor education can provide an important role in developing people’s awareness, connection and ethical values.

We work to challenge and support our personal and professional connection to the environment.

Our story

"We have both enjoyed and participated in outdoor activities from a young age. Our individual interests led us to enrol on an undergraduate degree named "Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Management". This is where we met, and since then our shared passion for outdoor learning and adventure travel has taken us around the world in both personal and professional contexts. 

Whilst living and working in Asia as expedition leaders for The Outward Bound School, we were shocked by the negative impacts that humans were having on the natural environment. This led us to train as ‘Master Educators’ under the Leave No Trace Organisation. On completion of the course, we found ourselves referring to the teaching techniques and guiding principles more and more during expeditions. 

We found that the ethos of Leave No Trace unlocked great educational potential. It provided a framework to not only teach the basics of minimum impact outdoor recreation (like the importance of planning; outdoor toilet procedures; building a zero impact fire), but also encourage quality discussion around meaningful topics such as our attitudes to the environment, our right to access and the responsibility we have for wild spaces. We saw participants gaining a new appreciation for outdoor places and felt some seed of curiosity had been planted.

The issue is not limited to Asia, and returning to the UK, we felt that the ethical framework provided by Leave No Trace was as valuable here as anywhere else. We ran our first UK based Leave No Trace Trainer Course in the Autumn of 2016, and were met with a group of passionate and enthusiastic participants. 

Since then, we have been running quality Leave No Trace training for Teachers, Outdoor Instructors and Expedition Leaders, Duke of Edinburgh providers and members of the public. We believe that Leave No Trace offers a way to promote responsible engagement with outdoor spaces and foster a lasting connection between people and place”.