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Trainer Certification


Trainer Certification courses are open to anybody looking to become a certified Leave No Trace Trainer and gain substantial knowledge in the art of minimum impact outdoor recreation, and perhaps more importantly, wishes to share this knowledge and encourage others to develop their own environmental ethic. 

Upon successful completion of a Trainer Certification course each participant qualifies as a Leave No Trace Trainer and receive a completion certificate from the Centre, as well as six months membership with the Leave No Trace Organisation. 

Those who complete the Trainer course are equipped to:

  • Understand, demonstrate and teach state of the art minimum impact techniques through your own ‘Awareness Workshops’.
  • Lead discussion on outdoor ethics and help others explore their own personal outdoor ethic.

Awareness Workshop


An Awareness Workshop is an engaging event that focuses on the 7 guiding principles of Leave No Trace through an experiential approach.

Workshops are fun and inspiring for participants. They can be delivered indoors or outdoors (half day or full day). They can focus on all of the principles, or just one in great detail.

 Leave No Trace Awareness Workshops are suitable for a range of audiences including academic and universities, schools and colleges, outdoor education participants, Scout and Guiding Associations.

Those who have attended a Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop are eligible for an official certificate from the Leave No Trace Centre for Outdoor Ethics.

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