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Learn. Educate. Inspire.

Learn. Educate. Inspire.

Learn. Educate. Inspire.Learn. Educate. Inspire.Learn. Educate. Inspire.

Learn. Educate. Inspire.

Learn. Educate. Inspire.

Learn. Educate. Inspire.Learn. Educate. Inspire.Learn. Educate. Inspire.
Leave No Trace training in the U,K,

NatureTraining encourages responsible engagement with outdoor spaces and a lasting connection between people and place.

We provide Awareness Workshops and Trainer Certification Courses across the UK, under the Leave No Trace Organisation.

Workshops and training courses are suitable for teachers, outdoor professionals and individuals who enjoy spending time outdoors and want to learn how the 7 principles can be used to enhance outdoor experiences.

For Businesses


NatureTraining can deliver bespoke courses  around your organisations needs and desired outcomes. We are able to consider relevant policy, practices and values that can be upheld amongst staff and participants. 

By joining the Leave No Trace organisation and undertaking formal training, you are demonstrating a commitment to responsible and sustainable practices. 

With centres in the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, the Leave No Trace organisation is well established as the leading provider of environmental ethics training internationally. 

Use of their logo is a demonstration of your commitment, and connects your business to the ever growing population of environmentally conscious consumers. Please get in touch using the contact page to discuss your requirements and see how we can assist your business.

For Outdoor Professionals


 We understand outdoor leaders have a wealth of environmental knowledge. Attending a Leave No Trace course provides an outstanding opportunity to build on this amongst peers. 

Becoming a certified Leave No Trace Trainer compliments your existing environmental delivery practice and is recognised by the Mountain Training Association as Continued Professional Development worth 2 CPD points.


By completing a Trainer Certification course, you are qualified to provide ‘Awareness Workshops’ on your own behalf. These workshops are frequently delivered in schools or as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. 

The Trainer Certification course helps you to think about delivering Awareness Workshops either formally, or informally as part of your wider environmental practice.   

For Teachers


 By completing a Leave No Trace Trainer Certification course you will develop familiarity with a comprehensive framework for the delivery of 'Awareness Workshops'. 

Workshops can be used to compliment national curriculums and provide a structure for taking young people outside the classroom.

Certification courses are experiential and encourages you to deepen your own ethic for working outside, learn from peers and develop new practices. 

The course provides valuable CPD and certification as a ‘Leave No Trace Trainer’. As a trainer, you can offer ‘Leave No Trace Awareness Workshops’ to your pupils and issue an official certificate from the Leave No Trace Centre for Outdoor Ethics. 

Your pupils can join the community of 15.5 million+ people who have been inspired by Leave No Trace.